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A special word of thanks must go to our two most generous donors

Sir Rod Stewart
Sir Rod Stewart


Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg
Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg


Background to 18th May 2019

For many years, we have held a Model Railway Show at the Stamford Welland Academy, Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK. This is the club's major fund raising effort for the year and also an opportunity for us to showcase our work, meet fellow enthusiasts and recruit new members. We often arrange for some exhibitors and traders to set up for the show the night before. This time, four youths broke into the Academy and went on a rampage. They were caught by the police, but not before doing immense damage in the main hall. Two club layouts, Woodcroft and Knowle End were damaged, the latter beyond repair. Three visiting layouts and a trader's stand were also damaged. Very sadly, two further layouts and much stock was totally beyond repair. 

devastationThe devastation which faced us that morning

The Response


Via Social Media and our good friends at Trains4U, the message went out that the show was cancelled and we were faced with the unpleasant tasks of turning visitors away, cleaning up the debris and giving statements to the police who were incredibly kind, understanding and above all patient.

Your Generosity

It soon became apparent that many people across the world were almost as upset as we were. The overwhelming responses were disbelief, anger, support and generosity with some visitors and one of our traders giving us a donation on the day. In response to that generosity and the stream of requests offering donations we set up a fund raising page via JustGiving asking for £500 on the basis that we hoped to recover the loss of profit likely to be made. What followed was an incredible outpouring of generosity from, it seemed at times, the whole world. The press were also quickly on the scene and requests for interviews from as far afield as Canada and Japan, flooded in.

Within almost minutes of our launching the appeal page our request for £500 seemed totally inappropriate. We have subsequently been told by JustGiving that our appeal was one of the fastest growing appeals they had experienced. Our own website crashed three times as the number of hits rose dramatically resulting in a need for us to increase bandwidth. We are reliably informed by Just Giving  that, subject to their normal trading terms, the club will benefit from all that has been donated.

The amount raised as at 4th June 2019 via our own JustGiving page amounted to £106,895 and the number of donors was 5,423. We are aware of other pages that were started in our support.  On top of all that, we have received over 1,000 messages of goodwill and offers of help and support. Thank you to everyone for your amazing generosity and support which has truly helped us through some very difficult times. If you have sent us a letter or email, please bear with us, we are working our way through them as fast as humanly possible.

Our Thanks

We cannot individually thank you all (and many of you chose to give anonymously) and we're be bound to upset someone if we've missed you out but we just had to say a special 'Thank You' to the following as at 11th December 2019

Sir Rod Stewart

Miniatur Wunderland




The Goat at Frognall



Deluxe Materials


Rails of Sheffield

Ian W

War World Scenics Minerva Model Railways

MoreStore Self Storage 

Martin S

Chris M

J O Sims Ltd


Jack D

Ben P

Brockhill B

Dominic C

Ellis C

Kurt L

Mike E

Michael P

Rob W




John W

Amit G

Matthew S

Steve L

Graeme St L

Shawn S

Peter L

Colin W


Alan G

Edward B

Newport MRS

Nick P

Ben T

Simon J

Paul S

Marcus G

Eric H

Pentland Kitchens



Tessa B

Max T

Jack T

Simon R


Huub vdP

Phil H

Hein H

SCARM Software

Takeshi N

Ann H


Per T

Sarah & Howard

Jonathan Y

Roxley M

Kit S

Jmart H

Broadland M

Les & Co Em

Trevor G

31A C

Neil M

Stefan P

Fi & G

Tim M

Rona x

Phil B

Model RC

D Appleton

D Holman

Clay Cross Model Railway Society

The Model Railway Club

Stowmarket RC

Basingstoke & Northants MRS

M Buckett

Chris B



D Appleton

D Holman

John M

M Buckett

C Barker

MERG and friends

R Martin 

P Walters

 K Knowles

LCUT  Video and Projection Rail Model

Cory Logistics

R Kerr D Lamont R Blaylock


We are truly sorry that we cannot mention everyone above but please understand the impossibility of listing all 5,000 plus names and of course we are not privy to the names of those donating on the parallel sites. Equally, if your name is listed and you would rather it wasn't, or you would like us to add a link to your website, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will be amended as quickly as possible.

You have been truly amazing and our heartfelt thanks to you all.


Woodcroft will rise again!

As a 90 year old life time railway modeller, I can understand and share the grief that this atrocity has caused. So much lost that can never be recovered. PPM UK

Sorry for my donation is few.I'll keep my fingers crossed.Poor english, sorry.  SW - Japan

I have been exhibiting for nearly 40 years as a member of the British Model Railway Club of Montreal, and have never experienced anything like this. I feel your pain... this saddens me immensely. DF - Canada

I am so sorry for the disrespect you've experienced... I'm appalled someone could do this. Heard your story all the way in Chicago, IL. and wanted to show some support. Please keep creating! EH - USA

A bit of help from Pocatello Idaho. I hope you guys rise like the Phoenix from this setback! KB - USA

Thank you MDMRC for all you have done to bring happiness to my family. Here’s to building more future engineers! PJ - UK

As a fellow model railway enthusiast my heart goes out goes out to this club and its members. Model railways is a hobby that causes no offensive and more likely to bring a wry smile to the non-conversant. NH - UK

So proud of model railway supporters around the world that have shown that for every one mindless moron there are 10000 decent people. Good luck & best wishes for a great rebuild! SD - UK

Dear guys from Stamford Model Rail Road Club, we can´t believe it! We had tears in our eyes as we saw the pictures :-( Our thoughts and best wishes are with you! Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

My 5 year old son has autism and he absolutely loves visiting model railway exhibitions. Everyone is always so lovely, patient and kind to him. KH - UK

Running in a recent donation

With thanks to The Stamford Mercury

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