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We will try to keep this list as up to date as possible but if you feel your layout is missing or listed in error, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..Although we make every effort to keep this list current, please check with us before travelling if you are hoping to see a specific layout.


Layout / Display Photo Details
Bantry  bantry

Sleaford Model Railway Club

OO Gauge

Bantry is an OO gauge layout based on the Irish station of Bantry in the late 50s early 60s when it had become a bit run down. The layout features a fine wooden pier and the station area along with some recognisable Bantry buildings.

Beal Street  Photo Pending1

Raymond Pond

March & District Model Railway Club

OO Gauge DCC

Beal Street is based on Leicester TMD. The track plan is similar, just minus the 2 sidings nearest the main line and some  changes to the buildings. Named after the street in which the entrance to Leicester TMD sits, the depot is set in the modern era 2000s onwards.
This is a DCC layout running on code 75 track with lots of colour and lots of sound,

Billingborough  billingborough

Graham Morfoot

Gauge: OO
Era: 1960's

This layout represents Billingborough if the line had remained open from Sleaford to Bourne until 1965, with through passenger trains and frequent goods trains, mainly to service local agriculture. More details on Graham's website 

Cheriton Bishop Cheriton Bishop

East Bedfordshire Model Railway Society

Gauge: OO Finescale

Era: 50's & 60's

A BR(WR) layout based on a fictitious station, based in the village of Cheriton Bishop, situated about 9 miles west of Exeter. Set in the late 1950s to early 1960s. the LSWR have been granted running powers which allows the running of  BR(SR) locos and stock as well as BR(WR) and this provides greater variety than many ex-GWR branch layouts.

Deeping Road MPD  deeping rd mpd 2

Market Deeping Model Railway Club

OO Gauge DCC

Deeping Rd MPD is a preserved railway MPD and, as such, it has facilities for both steam and diesel locomotives to be serviced, refuelled and, in the case of steam, ash disposed of using an ash plant. There is also a purpose built solid ramp for when visiting locomotives arrive by road. It runs using DCC which will, we hope, show it's versatility in a busy MPD environment.

Don Day's Trains  Photo Pending1

Owner: Don Day,

Market Deeping Model Railway Club

Don is one of our longest standing members and is an avid collector and model railway enthusiast as well as specialising in restoring cars.  Come along and see some of his collection, mainly in O Gauge.

Donaldsay Railways  Donaldsay

Owner: Brian Fryer Market Deeping Model Railway Club

Gauge   7mm NG

Donaldsay is a fictitious Scottish Hebridean Island with its own internal railway, built to serve the local community. The layout is a development of a layout that appeared at the show three years ago. The harbour has now been completed (unfinished at the last showing). A further board has been added with an 0-9 section, as well as the 0-16.5 gauge section from the harbour board.

Donations Display  Photo Pending Market Deeping Model Railway Club has been the recipient of an incredible outporing of generosity since the events of May 2019, not just in cash but in goods too. Whilst we take no credit for the display, we can only say a heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who has donated so generously and we hope you enjoy looking at some of the many gifts we have received.
Euston Station 1875 Euston Station Euston Station 1875 in 4mm, the basic buildings of this 60 square foot display were donated to the MDMRC last year by Robert Smith, consisting initially of traditional build methods it has been upgraded to exhibition standard with over 400 hours extra work by surface super detailing with 3d printed elements, introducing parkland, vehicles and the first tracks of the station and commencing an expansion that will eventually include a cutaway Great Hall and working platforms to fiddle yard.
Field View Photo Pending1

Little Layouts

Gauge: OO
Control: DCC
Era: Mid 90's

An exemplar of the high standard of workmanship produced by Little Layouts. Depicting a small rural scene with an industrial section.

Harriston  Photo Pending

Eddie King     Sleaford MRC


Ken White Power Station Photo Pending

Ken White

Kirkby on Sea kirkby on sea

James Spence         

Gauge: OO

Power: DCC

Set in the 1930s, Kirkby on Sea is a fictional west coast LMS station with fishing harbour, boat yard and busy terminus station. .

Lindsell Town Photo Pending

Brian Sibly

Gauge OO

Lindsell Town is based on the area of the Last of the Summer Wine comedy series based in West Yorkshire in about the 1980's to1990's

Mini Layouts (dioramas)  mini1mini2mini3 Alan Hancock, David Hildred and Barry Pullen won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in our Christmas Modelling Competition, on the theme of  'Road and Rail'.
Minions  minions

Trevor Powell

Gauge: OO
Control: DCC

Based closely on the GMR (Great Minion Railway), this railway is primarily 'driven' by youngsters visiting the exhibition. We also understand that zip wires and even possibly a minion cannonball launcher may be incuded. 

Mitchell Junction  Photo Pending1

Market Deeping Model Railway Club

Gauge OO

Powered By: DCC

Under construction, 

Mitchell Junction is primarily a layout for operation by children. Designed in response to the appalling circumstances surrounding our Stamford 2019 show and named in honour of Michael Mitchell who donated most of the track and rolling stock, it is seen as the replacement for its forerunner Knowl End, itself a replacement for the retired layout Dundle.

Oakwood Lane  Photo Pending1  

St Neot’s MRC  Adam Bussey                   

Gauge N

This is a fictitious mainline location in the south east of England with a 2 track rural station.
Padden Flats  Photo Pending1

Mike Ford

Scale: HO

Set in Wyoming

Phoenix Junction  Photo Pending1

 Mike and Dee Wyldbore of March and District MRC

Scale: HO

North American Switching Yard
Switching engines from Bethlehem Steel (once America’s largest steel producers), can be seen occasionally collecting coal and iron ore wagons from the yard.

Re-United Biscuits  Photo Pending1

Mike Baish

Gauge OO

An imaginary layout in which open wagons of broken biscuits enter the yard and are then repaired in the factory before leaving for redistribution.

Roberts Road  roberts road

 Richard Boothby: Scunthorpe Modern Image Railway Group N Gauge

 Gauge N

Era 1988 to present

Control: DCC

The layout is designed to give the feel of Doncaster tied in with the inner city feel (ie with the run from Manchester Piccadilly to Oxford Road)

Shaston Tramway  Photo Pending1

John Handy  Market Deeping MRC                       

Gauge: 009 

Originally built by John’s old club, Chesham MRC.  A number of the buildings on the layout were built by the late professional model maker Allan Downes.  The layout name is believed to have derived from a town named in a Thomas Hardy novel.  

Silbeeke  silbeeke

Ann Sibly

Z Gauge

Silbeeke is  based in Northern Belgium in the 1980s. The stock is mainly Marklin with some scratch-built equipment.

West Coast Cement westcoastcement1


Owner: Hornby Magazine

Gauge: ‘OO’ gauge

Scale: 4mm:1ft

Era: 1995-2005

This West Coast Main Line (WCML) scene is one of the latest layouts to be completed by the Hornby Magazine team. Modelled in ‘OO’ gauge it recreates a fictitious section of the WCML north of Preston in the 1995-2005 period. A double track main line passes along the front with a busy cement works behind served by regular train movements.

Visit for more information about the layout and the magazine.

Witham Witham 

Martin Reynolds Market Deeping Model Railway Club

Gauge: OO
Control: DCC

Witham is a fictitious layout set in the summertime on the Western Region in the late 1950s to early 1960s.  Thus displaying the dawn of the diesel era with the twilight of steam. Set in Somerset (although not modelled on the actual Witham) the layout features a main line with trains running from London to Exeter and beyond and a branch line with trains to Bristol and Gloucester.  Southern Region stock are regular visitors especially with the busy holiday traffic.

Woodcroft  woodcroft

Market Deeping Model Railway Club

Gauge: EM

Since being vandalised at last year’s exhibition it has undergone a considerable amount of rebuilding work.

Now fully restored and extended, it represents a small through station on an imaginary single-track line built to give access to Stamford from the Great Northern main line. 


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