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3D Printing

Two of our members now have 3D printers - Brian Norris and Dash Ashwood and they are both FDM printers i.e. Fused Deposition Modelling where a plastic filament is squeezed through a heated hot end and laid down as a foundation for the next layer so building up into a final model. Dash has been busily printing items for the club's Euston display. Some of the fruits of that can be seen on our Euston page.

As of Christmas 2021 and thanks to a very generous Santa, Brian now also has another 3D printer - a resin printer and he has been busy experimenting with it. It's an Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer which is capable of incredibly fine resolution. After printing the usual test pieces, the only project so far has been printing some roof ventilators for a friend's O Gauge BR Mark 1 coach. A variety of further projects are being considered and if any member would like to discuss possibilities, get in touch with Brian via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


the finished article

This was a very small print and was completed in under 20 minutes. Finding reliable measurements and source photos plus the drawing took considerably longer!

A page describing the whole process is now in our collection of Advice Centre pages  at

Greatford Crossing

We are very pleased to announce that club member Graham Hobbs has kindly allowed us to give some details of his layout, Greatford Crossing, on our website.

Casewick Bridge

Many years ago this picture was part of the inspiration for this layout. Over many years, Graham has built it up to its current glory which is revealed in full in our Gallery Section.

 Casewick bridge - the model
And here is the model as created by Graham.

See further details in the gallery section or on his blog

Christmas Competition

With the majority of the country heading into Tier 2 or Tier 3 restrictions, it is looking very unlikely that our competition will take place as initially hoped for. However, that is not to say that it will not happen at all and hopefully in the New Year, it will take place and who knows, maybe even in our new premises. 

For the time being, therefore, will all entrants please store their entries once finished, until a further announcement is made.

In the meantime here are the winning entries from last year.

Change of Premises

All members will be aware by now of our search for new premises. Come what may, we have been given a very generous period of notice by our landlord and we have to move out. Plans are being prepared for our move, an Action Plan has been developed and we hope that negotiations might be completed by the time the Covid-19 situation is more under control.