Knowl End

Knowl End is the replacement for the now retired Dundle. It is based on six 4’ x 2’ baseboards, making an overall size of 8’ x 6’. (approx. 2.5m x 1.85m). 

Improvements on Dundle include the ability to attract a wider age and capability range of operator. Now dual track, the outer track runs around the baseboard and is suitable for younger modellers to practice running trains. The inner, connected line, gives the option for shunting and more intricate train movements for those more interested in learning or practising such skills. Consequently and unlike Dundle, two trains can be operated at any one time and in opposite directions.

 Knowl End at an early stage of construction

The scenery has only recently been started and will be a mix of scratch built and “off the shelf” items. The club generously acknowledges two wonderful, donated dioramas which will be incorporated into the main scenic sections as they are developed. Since the layout is primarily for youngsters whose understanding of regions, TOCs and freight movements will be at an early stage, no particular station or region is modelled. Rather and with Thomas making occasional appearances, the effect is more of a preserved line where any and all parts of the UK’s steam and diesel history might be on show simultaneously.

 Formal Opening

The layout was formally named by Jessica May Gibbons at our 2017 Stamford Exhibition. She won the naming competition and was the first to run trains on the new layout.Jessica at the formal opening

 Baseboards and Electrics

The baseboards, all free standing with leg height adjusters to ensure stability, simply bolt together. Electrics are based on the ring main principle with common baseboard interconnectors and one control panel interconnecting block. Point control is point and touch with a CDU within the control panel. The layout requires a minimum of two operators (usually three or four simply to ensure full supervision of the young users). 

Layout Facts

  • Scale/Gauge OO
  • Overall size: 8' x 6' on 4' x 2' bolted together baseboards
  • For exhibition: Yes, when finished
  • Anticipated Completion 2017
  • One thirteen amp mains socket is required. The power pack for the layout is fused at five amps. Club power packs are routinely PAT tested.
  • Value, including running stock, is £2000.
  • The layout can be transported in two large cars or a van.

Layout Background:

Knowl End is more complex in some respects than the original Dundle. However, some aspects are much simpler as it is designed to cater for a wide age range of operators. It also allows for two operators at once: one has a simple "run around" option with stations to stop at; the other (the inner ring) has more complex operations possible with head shunts, sidings and a run around. The idea is that for those youngsters with greater experience, Knowl End will offer the chance of a wide range of operation.

The Team

Leader: Peter DaviesThe Knowl End team

Assisted by: Brian Driscoll, Rob Parrish, Ray Boxall, Allan Brown and Peter Creagh with advice and support from many others in the club including Mick Quinn, Brian Norris and David Hildred. We very much work as a team, drawing in expertise as we need to. 

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